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Today’s educational institutions are facing increasing pressure to meet higher standards with less resources. Brother delivers education solutions to help students, teachers, and administrators manage and share data, information and documents more efficiently and effectively.

Embracing technology to enhance learning, improve collaboration & increase productivity

Educational environments have changed drastically over the last few years, shifting away from paper-based documents and moving toward sharing and storing documents electronically. Teachers, administration and staff need solutions that can help them keep up with these demands — and more.

Brother education solutions can help:

Improve communication and collaboration among employees, staff and administration

Efficiently manage and share data, information and documents

Meet efficiency goals with desktop devices, mobility options, and integration with leading software platforms

“Right-size” a school’s output environment to ensure that it is scaled to meet current needs

Unlocking the Power
of Digitized Documents

Scanners can help ease the testing and assessment process by enabling educators to apply improved workflows to traditional paper based form or bubble tests. Brother advanced scanning technology enables data capture and seamless integration with assessment applications. Scanners also help save paper in the classroom and enable online sharing of paper-based materials via computers, mobile devices, or the cloud. Scanning paper materials for use in learning management systems supports tutoring, remote learning and distance education initiatives while helping improve collaboration and communication.

Creating the Always-On, Connected Campus

Brother mobile printing and scanning solutions can help students, teachers and administrators be connected. Through enhanced connectivity and a connection to popular web services, you are able to print from and scan to various mobile devices and operating systems. Access, share and send secure files virtually anytime, anywhere.

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Improve Collaboration, Communication and Workflow

Brother delivers the document technology needed to capture, store, and share digital information and data for the classroom and beyond.

Brother education workflow solutions:

Facilitate communication and collaboration with products, tools, and cloud-based applications

Securely capture and share images and electronic files including student records and documents, projects, homework, lesson plans, and more

Convert paper documents to digital files and securely scan to email, folders or other applications

Automate and streamline assessment test processing through OCR technology

Brother Special Solutions Team (SST)

The Brother Special Solutions Team (SST) utilizes customer-focused industry experts to enable Brother products to meet special requests. This approach involves a collaborative process with field service engineers and business analysts to help deliver solutions that fulfill the needs of clients in a multitude of industries.

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